Health & Safety

                                                                                                                     Health & Safety Policy

“Ygia” Polyclinic is the only private hospital that has been awarded the dual award of ISO 9001 and Accreditation to International Hospital Standards by CHKS in Cyprus.  It is common knowledge to all that a big part of the hospital’s success and good reputation is due to its employees. We therefore ought to preserve the Health & Safety 
Standards of our employees through procedures and working directives, providing them all that is necessary for them to feel safe and happy in their workplace.

In order to achieve our above mentioned commitment, we have decided to proceed with the implementation of a Health & Safety Management System covering all the services provided, based on the Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard – OHSAS 18001:2007. Through the implementation of this System and within context of the existing national and European laws and regulations, we aim to achieve strategic objectives, which 
encompass the following:

  • Creating a work environment that ensures the health & safety conditions of the people that are affected by the hospital’s activities. This includes employees, associate doctors, patients, visitors, subcontractors and any other third party.
  • To minimise or eradicate the number of occupational accidents.
  • Prevention of occupational diseases.
  • Continuously promoting the safety culture at work of our employees. 
  • The continuous improvement of health services provided to our patients.

As part of our efforts to achieve the above objectives:

  • We have developed the appropriate emergency plans to ensure the effective management of incidents that
      may cause death, injury, occupational illness and environmental damage.
  • We promote continuous professional development, in order for all employees to be informed of their rights as 
    well as their responsibilities in health & safety issues.
  • We’ve proceeded with a Risk Assessment Study, covering our activities, occupational hazards, analyzing all 
    findings noting down all the existing as well as the proposed means for eliminating the risks.
  • We have set up a Health & Safety Committee with one representative from each department.

 Our Health & Safety Policy has been communicated and understood by all employees in the hospital. The management of “Ygia” Polyclinic will be a supporter of every good proposition, which will aim at the continuous improvement of our Health & Safety Standards. The Health & Safety policy will be reviewed annually in order to ensure its effectiveness.
We want our employees, patients, associate doctors and visitors  to feel safe in their work   
environment. This is the only way they will be able to offer their valuable services to the patients and 
the Hospital to alleviate sickness and human pain.

Ensuring all the above, a safe environment is established ready to offer high quality health care 
services to its patients and every other who uses the services of the Hospital.

 We commit never to stop this effort.

General Manager

Anastasios A. Bokaris