President’s welcome

Back in 1983, a pioneer group of doctors took the initiative of creating a private clinic in Limassol. 

The idea was to better serve the most valuable gift of mankind: health. After a lot of effort, facing and overcoming many difficulties "Ygia Polyclinic" Private Hospital resulted, which started functioning on 1987.

After the 2007 completion of a new wing and recent renovations to the original building, “Ygia Polyclinic” Private Hospital now boasts availability of 152 beds and cooperates with more than 240 Associated Doctors.

Our Associated Doctors in conjunction with our staff are the core and essence of “Ygia Polyclinic” Private Hospital, serving the needs of all medical specialties, with their knowledge and experience of scientific development in health globally.

Here in "Ygia Polyclinic" Private Hospital, we believe that medical diagnosis, hospital stay and appropriate treatment of our patients and the high standard of patient care offered, are the result of dedication of doctors, nurses and the rest of our personnel in conjunction with modern, high quality equipment and appropriate structure of our buildings.

"Ygia Polyclinic" Private Hospital as a modern unit offering medical services is leading the way in the area of health.

Based on our scientific knowledge, respecting human dignity and remaining consistent to our values, we built on the development of a trustful relation with our patients.

Recognising the active participation of our personnel towards fulfilling our targets we continuously invest in their rewarding and professional development.

I welcome you to "Ygia Polyclinic" Private Hospital.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

The President.