Quality Management Systems

Quality Policy

The management of the Clinic is committed to offer healthcare services to patients conforming to the applicable legal requirements of the Republic of Cyprus, to the clauses of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, and to the clients’ requirements.

For this purpose, the management has developed a Quality Management System, conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 which forms part of an Integrated Management System (IMS). 

The Clinic has documented and standardized its procedures and has put in place mechanisms for the identification and fulfillment of its obligations and for its continual improvement. 

The IMS:

  • Describes the Clinic’s operational and supporting procedures
  • Sets the mechanism for the setting, monitoring and reviewing of key performance indicators and related targets
  • Establishes communication channels within the Clinic to facilitate the flow of information, and
  • Provides control to the Clinic’s key operations.

The management and staff of the Clinic are dedicated to the implementation of the IMS and the continual improvement of the services offered for the benefit of their clients. 

The Clinic’s objectives are:

  • To fulfil patients’ requirements and to honor to the contractual obligations agreed
  • To resolve patients’ complaints timely and effectively
  • To manage suppliers and subcontractors through the maintenance and monitoring of contractual agreements
  • To make available the infrastructure required for the effective and efficient implementation of the IMS
  • To maintain competent members of staff through training and development
  • To maintain direct and open communication among all levels of staff.

These objectives are reflected in the Clinic’s policies, procedures, indicators and targets and are pursued by the management and staff.  Their achievement is audited during the internal audits of the IMS followed by the implementation of measures and the setting of controls. 


General Manager

Dr. George Zachariades