X-Ray Department

YGIA Polyclinic’s  Radiology Department has been operating for 25 years and its staff is actively involved in the ongoing clinical research and training to ensure the best possible services are provided to all the patients who visit the department.
The department is located at YGIA Polyclinic’s ground floor.
Most of our x-ray rooms use the latest DR digital detectors providing superior quality images almost instantly, and are linked to an enterprise wide fully integrated RiS/PACS (Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System).

The department conducts the below examinations:

•General X-ray eg chest, abdominal, skeletal X-rays .
•Mammography or other breast imaging  with the new 3d mammography system.
•Fluoroscopy eg barium meal,  enema .HSG ,IVP
•Ultrasound examinations .eg organs, triplex, soft tissue and biopsies
•Bone Density