YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital is in the process of gaining the Accreditation of Baby Friendly Initiative, and therefore organising Breastfeeding Support Groups (Step 10).

YGIA Polyclinic breastfeeding support groups have been developed for mothers that have delivered birth at YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital and seek support for breastfeeding issues by mothers, doctors and midwives. They are groups were mothers support each other and share their experiences and worries.

YGIA Polyclinic support group provides:

  • A relaxed, informal and supportive environment, where breastfeeding is considered to be the most appropriate way to feed your baby, and an opportunity to meet other breastfeeding moms. Thus it allows the development of a strong social network of moms and the forging of new friendships!
  • Resources, advice, non prescriptive support and practical help on breastfeeding issues, so that mothers can make informed decisions.
  • Staff who have been trained on breastfeeding, and peer counselors on breastfeeding

Mothers attending are kindly asked to:

  • Be responsible for their children at all times
  • Treat everyone with respect, kindness and consideration

Since the mothers attending the meetings must feel comfortable enough to express their worries, their partners won’t be attending the meetings, except on certain dates, when “open” meetings will be held.

Expecting mothers, who plan to deliver at YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital and would like to learn more about the meetings and breastfeeding, are welcome to attend the support groups.



We look forward to seeing you on October 5, 2016, at 5 pm, 2nd Floor, Conference Room – YGIA Polyclinic

For participation please call 25 884 831, 25 884 920 from 9:00 - 11: 00am