Upon arrival at YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital, please proceed to Patient Admissions Office Department for providing your personal details, as well as your insurance coverage details.

The staff at the Patient Admissions Office Department will assist you in filling in all the necessary documents and will explain the admission process, once your insurance coverage details have been settled (if applicable).  Therefore you will be transferred to your room so that you may settle in. We will try our best to provide you with the type of room you desire. However, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular room on the day of your admission.

Ways of Admission:

Your admission can be undertaken through the sections of the Patient’s Reception, Admissions Office or through the Emergency Department which operates on a 24 hours basis.

The Admissions Office will notify you in advance for the prepayment system. If your account during your hospitalisation exceeds the amount of € 2,000 over the amount you have already paid, you are required to proceed with the direct settlement of your account. This applies to patients without insurance coverage. If hospitalisation is unplanned and therefore was not given any payment in advance the above rule for direct payment will apply, as soon as your account will surpassed the amount of € 2,000.

In the case of elective surgery, an officer from the admission office will contact you the day before your operation in order to record your personal information such as:
- Name,
- Telephone,
- Address,
- Information insurance coverage,
- Room Preference (single, double or suite).

In all cases, including emergencies, you are required to show your personal ID card as well as the insurance card within 24 hours.

Medical Information:

Please bring with you any medical information related to your hospitalisation, e.g. X-rays, diagnoses, medical test results.

Preoperative Check-Up:

Before your operation, your attending physician will advise you when you need to undertake a preoperative check-up and will also notify the Patient Admissions Office Department, for the day and time you have been scheduled for your operation. There, you will be required to fill in all the necessary paperwork relating to your admission and insurance.


Please bring with you or make sure you know exactly the type of medication you are taking, so that it is included in your treatment medications.

Attention:  Brief your doctor for any non-prescription medication (general use, homeopathy, herbal products / vitamins, etc) you have taken, still taking or have stopped taking in the last three months.

During your hospitalisation, your doctor will decide on the type of medication that will be administered to you by the nursing staff.

Please let your physician and nurse know whether you have any allergies to food or drugs or have had previous reactions to any drugs, food or latex.

Your doctor will advise you as to whether you should not consume any food or liquids prior to your admission.

Personal Items:

- We would recommend you leave all your valuables, such as jewellery, money and credit cards, at home. 
- Please do not keep personal valuables in your room during your hospitalisation. The Hospital is not liable for any loss of personal valuables. 
- You may keep personal hygiene items (e.g. toothbrush and toothpaste, sponge, comb or hair brush), toiletries, pyjamas / night gowns and bathrobes in your room. Slippers are supplied by YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital in case the patient asks for them. 
- Please ensure that you keep your eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or dentures in their cases when not using them, so that they do not get mislaid or damaged.