Our primary priority is to provide comprehensive and personalised healthcare services, therefore your Attending Doctor works closely with a team of qualified and experienced specialists, such as nurses, physiotherapists and technicians etc.
Please contact your Physician or the Nursing staff on your ward for any questions or inquiries. Medical advice or information is only provided by your attending physician.

Day of the surgery:

On the day of your operation it is necessary to arrive at the Hospital at least one hour before the scheduled time of surgery. Please have your ID, and any forms required by your insurance company or healthcare fund for covering your hospitalisation. In case you are not covered by any insurance, you will need to provide a deposit at the Cashiers Department. After the end of this process, you will receive your hospitalisation folder and you will be accompanied to your room.

Hospital Rooms:

All rooms at “YGIA” Polyclinic are fully renovated and equipped to best serve you during your stay. They have their own bathroom except double rooms where the bathroom is shared between the patients.
All rooms include:
- TV (LCD) with satellite channels
- Ability to connect to the Internet for free
- Telephone with direct line
- Central air conditioning
- Bell to the nursing staff
- Safe box
Furthermore, “YGIA” Polyclinic has six (6) private suites that are beautifully decorated with a separate living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

For your safety:

You should be aware that the Hospital environment is quite different from your home. You should consider the following:
- Hospital beds are with handles for modulating the intensities of their positions, so when you move you have to be careful.
- Most room furniture is on wheels so you should not rely on them.
- For any assistance do not hesitate to use the nursing bell.
- Do not hesitate to inform us for any malfunction in you room’s equipment.
- In case there is another patient in your room who needs help do not hesitate to call the nurses from your own bell.
- You are not allowed to leave your room without informing the nursing staff who is responsible for escorting you at the Hospital’s Departments for various tests.

Infection control:

YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital implements an Infection Control Program. There are specific actions we recommend you follow as a patient, in order to minimise the risk of an infection during your hospitalisation: 
- Hand-washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs or infections, both within the hospital and outside. It is imperative that you wash your hands before and after you have used the bathroom and before touching anything. Do not forget to remind your visitors to wash their hands or use the disinfecting gel when visiting you. 
- Depending on the surgical procedure or the treatment you follow, you may be asked to wash with antiseptic soap so as to limit the risk of infection.
- Do not sit on other patients’ beds and do not allow your visitors to sit on your bed. 
- For your own safety, please limit the number of visitors.

Nutrition services:

It is of a great significance for YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital to provide you with a proper and healthy nutritional meal as it constitutes the foundation of your treatment and is necessary for your speedy recovery.