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World Breastfeeding Week - October 2020

At YGIA Polyclinic in Limassol, October is a month of celebration.  During the World Breastfeeding Week, our team of Doctors - Midwives and Nurses truly believe in the importance of "The First 1000 Days" and it is within this context, that the team has been organizing workshops and events for the past 3 years, making this an institution.

This year, COVID-19 pandemic has deprived Health Professionals - Field Experts - Mothers and Fathers with their children, and Future parents, in celebrating and participating all together at the workshops and events aiming to promote the benefits of Breastfeeding.

2020 is a tough year, causing frustration and leading us to take actions towards alternative approaches in what drives the health sector. Breastfeeding during this challenging COVID–19 times emerges as the strongest ally for every mother, coming at no cost and burden for the Environment.

Due to social distancing, social media take the lead and become a helpful tool in sharing thoughts and initiatives with other people. Taking this opportunity, and for this year’s celebrations, the Midwives at YGIA Polyclinic took the initiative of promoting via social media, mothers while breastfeeding, and sharing the message that Breastfeeding does not deprive them of any choice or activity, such as going to work, enjoying a cup of coffee, taking a walk, taking care of themselves, e.t.c.

To pay tribute to World Breastfeeding Week, we will be uploading photos and videos shared with us by mothers who gave birth at YGIA Polyclinic’s Maternity Department.

It is our way of passing on a strong message regarding the value of infant nutrition and Breastfeeding during "The First 1000 Days".

See you at at our Hospital's COVID-19 free annual event "The First 1000 Days" in 2021.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Ms. Andri Christofidou
Nursing Care Manager