Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital

Training & Development

Training and development is for us a primary goal towards building a high level of Human Resources, which will respond directly to the new reality and the ever-changing demands of competition.  

In this context, the Polyclinic "Υγεία" continues its long tradition in investing in targeted educational programs, mainly in the field of Health, supporting the development and efforts of our staff, who wish to either continue their studies at postgraduate level or attend seminars to achieve personal and professional success. 

In this context, the Human Resources department organizes and evaluates every educational program implemented at the Hospital. 

Training Programmes 

Nursing training seminars such as: 

  • BLS (Basic Life Support) 
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) 
  • Hand hygiene 
  • Infectious patient management 
  • Specialized staff skills for the professional management of patients and their relatives 
  • Breastfeeding 

Training seminars for administrative staff such as: 

  • Fire safety 
  • ISO 45001 Internal inspection techniques for health and safety at work 
  • Customer service 
  • GDPR - Personal Data Management 

Post-graduate Courses (Msc Programmes) 

  • Health Units Administration 
  • Public Health 

Foreign Languages Courses 

We consider learning foreign languages ​​an extremely important qualification since on a daily basis we are called to serve foreign-language patients. That's why we contribute to the payment of tuition fees for their learning. 


The ultimate goal of the internship is to develop and cultivate the appropriate skills of students for the application of the principles of both Medicine and Nursing science in clinical practice. Thus, the polyclinic accepts medical and nursing students to carry out their internship on the premises of its hospital.