About Us

YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital was established in 1983 in the heart of Limassol and commenced its operations in 1987.

In 2007, following major renovations and an expansion of our building facilities, we have increased our capacity to 128 fully-equipped beds, extended the number of operating theatres to 12, established and extended the range of services of the Clinical Laboratory, Radiology Departments (X-Ray, MRI/ CT), launched a multi-dynamic Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 24/7 Accident & Emergency Department, Maternity - Gynaecology and Paediatric Departments.

Since 16th of June 2011, a state-of-the-art Heart Catheterisations Center was inaugurated, enabling us to be the single 24/7 acute PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) service provider in Cyprus.

In our force, there is a range of fully equipped ambulance services to better respond to 24/7 emergencies.

As the largest and most reputable private hospital in Cyprus, we have such a modern infrastructure which rivals those of Western Europe and the USA.

We have been awarded in 2012 with the dual award of Accreditation and Quality Certification by CHKS, the leading provider of Healthcare Accreditation and Quality Assurance in the UK, for the overall quality of the health services we provide.

We maintain a Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation and Cyber Essentials Certification by 2-SEC and Crest, under the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme Test Specification, for our Cyber Security technical processes and controls.

We also hold Certifications based on the International Standards of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System), ISO 15189:2012 (Medical Laboratories – Requirements for Quality and Competence), ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management System).


We have adopted an open model of operation allowing licensed physicians that have undergone a screening process and have been approved as Associated Doctors to gain practicing privileges with us. Currently, we maintain cooperation with more than 200 distinguished Associated Doctors, who are pioneers in a wide range of medical specialties both in Cyprus and abroad.

We employ more than 460 medical, nursing, paramedical, administrative, and operational full-time staff, making us one of Cyprus’ largest employers.  Many of our staff members are multilingual, thus offering transcultural patient care.   Caring and attending for each of our guest’s needs is cultivated via a systematic, planned, and continuous enhancement of our staff’s knowledge, competences, and skills.

We are affiliated with St. George’s University, School of Medicine (London) and University of Nicosia School of Medicine.

Back in 1983, a pioneer group of doctors undertook a great initiative of establishing a private clinic in Limassol.

Their efforts in the face of various hardships were driven by their concept that such a private clinic would offer exquisite healthcare in serving the vision Health Above All.

Their pursuit came to its fullest culmination when YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital commenced its operations in 1987.

Following the completion of a new wing back in 2007 and continuous major renovations to the initial building facilities, YGIA Polyclinic boasted its capacity to 152 fully-equipped beds, employing over 500 staff and maintaining cooperation with more than 200 distinguished Associated Doctors in Cyprus and abroad.

Throughout the course of history, we are proud to say that our Associated Doctors and our staff are the core and essence of the Hospital, with their extraordinary commitment to a patient-centred care mentality.  To strengthen this foundation, we encourage continuous professional development and succession planning, develop various incentives programmes, and invest in continuous infrastructure improvements via a high-standard clinical and corporate governance model.

By remaining consistent to our core Values - Respect, Ethics, Compassionate Care, Teamwork and Quality - we built constructive and collaborative relations with staff, associates, suppliers and others, all reflecting into building caring and trustful relationships with our patients and their family members.

I welcome you to YGIA Polyclinic Private Hospital.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

The Chairman.

Our In-House Doctors are part of the workforce of YGIA Polyclinic and collaborate closely with our Associated Doctors. It is a multidisciplinary team consisting of various specialties including, but not limited to, Radiology, Microbiology – Biopathology, Intensive Care, Anaesthesiology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Pathology.

In conjunction with our clinical audit programme and clinical governance model, which include formal reviews, audits, continuous professional development and patient feedback, we ensure our In-House Doctors are providing the highest quality of patient care.

Dr. Alexia Christodoulou, General Practitioner

Dr. Christodoulou is a graduate of the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the specialization of the General Doctor (Pathologist), which she received after examinations by the special committee of the Hippocrates General Hospital of Thessaloniki. For the last 10 years, she has been working as a General Practitioner at YGIA Polyclinic, while her previous experience is from Public Hospitals in Greece

 Dr. Amalia Poyiadji, General Practitioner

Dr. Poyiadji is a graduate from the Democritus University of Thessaloniki (2018) and from 2019 she has been offering her medical services in YGIA Polyclinic.

Dr. Angeliki Liosi (MD in Medicine, Specialization in Anaesthesiology)

Dr. Liosi is a graduate of the Medical School of Kraiova in Romania with a specialization in anaesthesiology. Dr Liosi with more than 15 years of experience, has worked in several hospitals in Greece, as an anaesthesiologist, administering general and regional anaesthesia, as well as sedation in surgical procedures in the fields of Maxilofacial Surgery, Orthopaedics, Intensive Care Units, reconstructive and plastic surgery, IVF procedures and many more

Dr. Asimo Chrysikou – General Surgeon

Dr. Chrysikou is a graduate from the Medical School of the University of Crete, while she has received her specialization of General Surgery from the Naval Hospital 417 (NIMTS). She has worked in the largest Private Hospitals in Athens (Medical Center – IATRIKO KENTRO, IASO, Bioclinic) in her specialty.

Dr. Achilleas Giannopoulos – Pulmonologist / Intensivist

Dr. Giannopoulos is a graduate from the Medical School of the University of Patras, a Respiratory Medicine Specialist, as well as a Critical Care Medicine Specialist. He has 12 years’ experience as a Pulmonologist and Intensivist Consultant in private and public hospitals in Greece, while he has been offering his medical services in YGIA Polyclinic for the last 2 years. 

Dr. George Achilleus

Dr. Dimitrios Charamis – Biopathologist

Dr. Charamis is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Bucharest, while he has been granted the specialization of Biopathology. He has worked as Biopathologist in Public Hospitals in Greece, as well as in the private sector in Greece and Cyprus.

 Dr. Elli Kaliafa (MD in Medicine, Specialization in Anaesthesiology)

Dr. Kaliafa, graduate of the Medical School of Bologna, with more than 10 years experience, has been successfully administering general and regional anaesthesia and sedation in
hundreds of surgical procedures encompassing General, Labour and Delivery,
Urologic, Orthopaedic, and ENT. She performs ultrasound- guided peripheral nerve
blocks and has extended the use of ultrasound in fields such as Orthopaedic
Surgery for intra-operative and post-operative analgesia, performing successful
blocks ( femoral, fascia iliaca, adductor canal, popliteal, interscalene, axillary )
assisted by ultrasound.

Dr. Ersi Pieri

Dr. Ephrosyne Dimitriadou

Dr. Zoe Polymniou – General Practitioner, Head Residency YGIA Polyclinic’s doctors

Dr Polymniou has been working in YGIA Polyclinic since 1988, in different departments, such as the Intensive Care Unit, the Emergency Unit, etc. She is a General Practitioner and Head of Residency Doctors of YGIA Polyclinic

Dr. Theofano Nakopoulou – Radiologist doctor

Dr. Nakopoulou is a graduate from IASION Medical School in Romania, with a specialization in Diagnostic Radiology.

Dr. Cleopatra Lambrou

Dr. Constantine Frangoulakis  - Head Radiologist Doctor

Dr. Frangoulakis is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Sheffield (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) with a postgraduate education at the University of Oxford, both with distinction. He has gained his knowhow and experience through his employment at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, in the United Kingdom, as head of the Radiology Department, as well as at Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottingham Breast Centre, while he also has teaching experience in UK. Dr. Frangoulakis has extensive experience, expertise and interest in breast imaging (stereotactic intervention, tomosynthesis, spectral mammography with contrast). 

Dr Leonidas Ioannou

Dr. Nikolaos Angelis – General Practitioner

Dr. Angelis is a graduate from the Medical School of Plovdiv with a more than 10 years’ experience in Greek Public hospitals, as well as in the private sector in Cyprus’ hospitals.

Dr. Dori Marangou – General Practitioner

Dr. Marangou is a graduate from the Medical School of Timisoara with a more than 38 years’ experience, 35 from which in YGIA Polyclinic in different departments, such as Emergency Unit.

Dr. Panagiotis Lemonos (MD in Medicine, Specialization in Anaesthesiology)

Dr. Lemonos is a graduate of the Medical School of Kraiova in Romania with a specialization in anaesthesiology. Dr Lemonos, member of the Hellenic Society of Algology and Anaesthesiology, with more than 15 years of experience in cases from all fields of medicine, has worked in several hospitals in Greece as an anaesthesiologist in different departments.

Dr. Stella Aslanidou – General Practitioner

Dr. Aslanidou is a graduate of the State Medical Academy of North Osetia in Former Soviet Union, while she has worked as a General Practitioner in Private Hospitals in Russia, Nicosia, Larnaca, Paralimni, while she has been offering her medical services as a General Practitioner in YGIA Polyclinic since 2009.  


We believe that the essence of nursing practise is best described as the offering of compassionate care delivered in a culturally competent manner.  A critical ingredient to our approach is doing so with dignity towards our patients, their families and loved ones.

Our nursing healthcare professionals are vital members of the patientcare team.  They offer interdisciplinary care to thousands of patients of all ages and health groups per year.

The Nursing Care Division has under its umbrella various nursing departments, wards and services:
• Accidents and Emergency Department.
• Endoscopy.
• Operating Theatres.
• Central Sterilisation.
• Intensive Care Unit.
• Paediatric Ward.
• Medical Ward.
• Chemotherapy Services.
• Surgical Ward.
• Private & Suites Ward.
• Maternity & Gynaecology Ward.
• Porters.
• Administrative Services.
• Catering Services.
• Housekeeping Services.

The structure of the division is not a typical one, as, along with the nursing departments/ wards, it includes catering and housekeeping services because they form an essential part of patient recovery, care and experience.

On a scientific level, the Nursing Care Division builds its clinical nursing on evidence-based practises, following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health in Cyprus.  It partners with interdisciplinary groups and committees, teams up with Associated Doctors, In-House Doctors and other staff members across the Hospital, and participates in shared decision-making on a departmental and strategic level.

Our Internal Committees serve as high level enterprise internal governance bodies of YGIA Polyclinic. There are currently 15 Internal Committees, under the Board of Directors’ oversight umbrella:

  • Blood Transfusion and Resuscitation Committee
    Responsible for implementing operational policies and procedures governing blood transfusion, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, practise, prevention of cardiac arrest and training.


    Dr. Giannopoulos Achilleas,  Intensivist

    Vice Chairman:

    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki, Matron


    Mrs. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO

    Mrs. Maarit Raija Camassa ,Deputy Matron

    Mrs. Christos Kypri , Group Leader - ICU

  • Clinical Governance Committee
    Responsible for continuously improving quality of services and safeguarding high standards of care.


    Dr. Ioannis Hadjiloucas, General Surgeon -  BOD Member

    Vice Chairman:

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO


    Dr. Savvas Ioannou, Internal Medicine - BOD Member

    Dr. Demos Neofytou, Orthopedic Surgeon - BOD Member

    Mr. Andreas Marangos, BOD Chairman

    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki, Matron

    Mr. Constantinos Demetriou ,  Ward Manager Op.T

    Mr. Panos Petrou, Outpatient Services Manager

    Ms. Myria Vassiliou, Legal Advisor


    Mrs. Anna Agathangelou, Integrated Systems Manager 

  • Environmental, Health & Safety Committe
    Responsible for strengthening and further developing the Hospital’s Environmental, Health & Safety framework, with a focus on targeting key health issues and setting priorities.


    Ms. Rodothea Nicolaou, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

    Senior Management Representative: Mrs Pagona Liggou,HR Director

    Vice Chairman: Mr Panagiotis Kampouris, Enviromental, Health & Safety Officer

    Secretary: Ms. Nikoletta Christodoulou, Representative of Administration Departments


    Ms. Morfo Tsaknaki, Matron - Representative of Nursing Division

    Ms.Christina Pytharidou, Senior Nurse -Representative of Intensive Care Unit

    Ms. Andrea Syrimi, Senior Midwife - Representative of Maternity & Gynaecology Department

    Mr. Stavros Avgousti, Group Leader - Representative of Private & Suites Ward

    Mr. Giannakis Ioannou, Nurse A -Representative of Surgical Ward

    Ms. Danae Didaggelou, Pharmacist- Representative of Pharmacy Store

    Ms. Stella Drousiotou, Housekeeper-Representative of Cleaning/Laundry & Waste Handiling Department

    Mr. Marios Eleftheriou, Technical Services Manager-Representative of Technical & Biomedical Division

    Mr. Diomides El-Mokdad, Technologist - Representative of Clinical Laboratory

    Mr. Michalis Kyriacou, Representative MRI/CT

    Ms. Despo Ioanou- Representative of MRI/CT

    Ms. Dimitra Plega, Reception Representative

    Ms. Elena Ioannou, Senior Radiologist Technologist - Representative of X-Ray Department

    Mr. Theodosis Ioannou, Group Leader - Representative for Operating Theatres, Central Sterilization, Ophthalmology

    Ms. Kornelia Constantinou Prescur, Sister - Representative of 2nd Surgical Ward

    Ms. Evanthia Hadjiroti, Nurse A - Paediatric Ward- Representative of Paediatric Ward

    Mr. Georgios Georgiou, Chef-Representative of Kitchen & Cafeteria

    Mr. Christodoulos Christofi, Nurse A - Representative of Casualty

    Depending on the items on the agenda, the following may also attend during the EHS Committee’s meetings as Members:

    Mr. Savvas Zeidan, Eng, Information & Technology/ Risk Manager

    Dr. Maria Agathocleous, Occupational Health Doctor

  • HR Compensation Committee
    Responsible for assessing, analysing, and approving all pay and benefits, as well as for the succession planning and talent growth processes.


    Mr. Marios Orologas, Board of Directors Vice Chairman


    Mr. Andreas Marangos, Board of Directors Chairman

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO

    Ms. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO - Minutes

    Mrs Pagona Liggou,HR Director

  • Infection Control Committee
    Responsible for maintaining infection control policies and procedures, monitoring healthcare in regard to infections and providing continuous professional education.


    Dr. Savvas Ioannou, Internal Medicine/ Diabetologist

    Vice Chairman:

    Ms. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO


    Dr. Marios Karaiskakis, General Surgeon

    Dr. Persefoni Christofi Pieri, Head Doctor Microbiologist - Clinical Laboratory

    Mrs. Kornelia Constantinou Prescur, Sister - Medical Ward

    Mrs. Rodothea Nicolaou, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

    Mrs. Stella Drousiotou, Housekeeper

    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki, Matron

    Mrs. Fytoulla Nikolaidou, Senior Officer - Pharmacy Store

    Mrs Danae Didaggelou, Pharmacist

    Mrs Christiana Yiagkou, Infection Control Nurse


    Mrs. Chara-Philippina Argiriou, Senior Midwife

  • Information Security & GDPR Committee
    Responsible for providing advice and monitoring compliance in relation to information confidentiality, integrity, availability, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy statutory requirements.


    Ms. Myria Vasiliou, Legal Advisor, DPO

    Vice Chairman:

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO


    Mr. Savvas Zeidan, Eng, Information & Technology/ Risk Manager

    Mr. Marios Eleftheriou, Technical Services Manager

    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki,  Matron

    Mrs. Rodothea Nicolaou, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

    Mrs. Anna Agathangelou, Integrated Systems Manager

    Mr. Dimitris Xernos & Mr Yiannis Kaledermidis,  Information Security Officer

  • Internal Audit Committee & Corporate Risk Management
    Responsible for delivering independent review, objective assurance, and consultation, while at the same time aligning such activities to lead to a structured and disciplined approach to measuring and strengthening the efficacy of risk management, control, and governance.


    Dr. Ioannis Hadjiloucas, BoD Member


    Mr. Andreas Marangos, Lawyer, BoD Chairman

  • Management Committee
    Responsible for the overall effective operational functioning and continuous improvement of facilities and services provided by the Hospital.


    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO


    Mrs. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO

    Mr. Panos Petrou, Outpatients Services Manager

    Mrs. Pagona Liggou, HR Director

    Mr. Savvas Zeidan, Eng, Information & Technology/ Risk Manager

    Mr. Marios Eleftheriou, Technical Services Manager

    Mr. Ioannis Treppides, FCCA, Deputy CFO

  • Provident Fund Committee
    Responsible for all aspects of investment and other management activity in relation to the provident fund.


    Dr. Evripides Argyropoulos, Orthopedic Surgeon

    Vice Chairman/ Secretary:

    Mrs. Elena Ioannou, Senior Radiologist Technologist - X-Ray


    Dr. Demos Neofytou, Orthopedic Surgeon, BoD Member

    Dr. Nicolaos Christoforou, Paediatrics

    Mr. Nektarios Angonas, Technical and Biomedical Process Operator

    Mr. Aristeidis Yiorkas, Payroll Manager

  • Purchase Committee
    Responsible for reviewing and approving business cases for the procurement of goods and services.


    Mr. Marios Orologas, BoD Deputy Chairman


    Ms. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO

    Mr. Andreas Marangos, Board of Directors Chairman

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO

    Mr. Treppides Ioannis , Deputy CFO


    Ms. Despina Elia, Purchasing Senior Officer

  • Quality Committee
    Responsible for providing an independent and objective holistic review towards healthcare systems and processes by which the Hospital leads, directs, and controls its functions related to quality, in support of getting the best clinical outcomes and experience for patients and their families.


    Mrs. Anna Agathangelou,  Integrated Systems Manager

    Senior Management Representative:

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO 


    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki, Matron

    Mr. Marios Eleftheriou, Technical Services Manager

    Mr. Ioannis Treppides, FCCA, Deputy CFODeputy CFO

    Mrs. Rodothea Nicolaou, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

    Mr. Panayiotis Kampouris, Environmental, Health & Safety Officer

    Mr. Savvas Zeidan, Eng, Information & Technology/ Risk Manager

    Mr. Panos Petrou, Outpatient Services Manager

    Mrs. Marina Agathocleous, Personal Assistant to the CEO

    Ms. Myria Vassiliou, Legal Advisor

    Ms. Maria Hadjioannou, Human Resources Officer / Ms.Marina Rodosthenous, Human Resources Officer

    Dr. Zoe Polymniou, Head Resident Doctor

    Mr. Theodosis Ioannou , Brother -Operating Theater

    Mr. Marios Koupparis, Senior Nurse - Accidents & Emergency Department/ Endoscopy Unit

    Dr. Georgios Economou, Resident Doctor - Head Accidents & Emergency Department/ Endoscopy Unit

    Ms. Raija Maarit Camassa, Sister - Intensive Care Unit / Ms. Marina Tontikidou, Sister - Intensive Care Unit

    Mr. Nectarios Angonas , Operator – Biomed.Contracts Maintenance

    Mr. Constantinos Demetriou, Brother Operating Theatres

    Ms. Dorren Eftamantilou, Sister - Paediatric Department

    Mr. Andreas Leonidou, Brother - Paediatric Department

    Mrs. Christina Hamalis, Assistant - Ward Manager - Maternity & Gynaecology Department

    Mrs. Elena Ioannou, Senior Radiologist Technologist - X-Ray Department

    Mrs. Fytoulla Nikolaidou, Senior Officer - Pharmacy Store

    Dr. Persefoni Christofi Pieri, Head Doctor Microbiologist - Clinical Laboratory

    Mrs. Despoina Ioannou, Customer Service & Administration Coordinator - MRI/CT

    Mr. Michalis Kyriakou, Radiologist Technologist - MRI/CT

    Mrs. Danae Didaggelou, Pharmacist


    Ms. Chara Socratous, IMS Officer

  • Risk Management Committee (Operational and Clinical)
    Responsible for providing an oversight and make recommendations concerning matters pertaining to the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of quality, safety and risk management of healthcare services provided by the Hospital.


    Mr. Savvas Zeidan, Eng, Information & Technology/ Risk Manager

    Vice Chairman:

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO


    Ms. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO

    Mr. Ioannis Treppides, FCCA, Deputy CFO

    Mr. Panos Petrou, Outpatient Services Manager

    Ms. Myria Vassiliou, Legal Advisor

    Mr. Marios Eleftheriou, Technical Services Manager

    Mrs. Anna Agathangelou, Integrated Systems Manager

    Mrs. Rodothea Nicolaou, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager - Secretary

  • Scientific Council
    Responsible for providing expert scientific and clinical advisory on emerging and best evidence practises as well as on issues arising during the operation of the Hospital, leading, and overseeing the development of scientific programmes, and reviewing new partnerships.


    Dr. Leonidas Ioannou, Head Doctor Radiologist - MRI/CT

    Vice Chairman:

    Dr. Lefteris Koulouteris, General Surgeon


    Mrs. Morfo Tsaknaki - Matron

    Mr. Panos Petrou, Outpatient Services Manager

    Dr. Kleopatra Savva, Paediatrician - Secretary


    Mrs. Despina Ioannou , Administration & Customer Support MRI/CT 

  • Strategy, Quality & Business Development Committee
    Responsible for supporting the BoD in discharging its oversight duties with respect to the development and implementation of the organization's strategy and business development plans.


    Dr. Savvas Ioannou, Board of Directors Member


    Dr. Ioannis Hadjiloucas, BoD Member

    Dr. Demos Neofytou, Board of Directors Member

    Mr. Andreas Marangos, Board of Directors Chairman

    Mr. Marios Orologas, Board of Directors Deputy Chairman

    Dr. George Zachariades, PhD, CEO


    Ms. Marina Agathocleous, Personal Assistant to the CEO

  • YGIA Foundation Committee
    Responsible for regulating the organization's philanthropic initiatives.


    Dr. Ioannis Ioannides

    Vice Chairman:

    Mr. Tonis Toumazis


    Mr. Andreas Marangos, Board of Directors Chairman

    Mr. Socratis Socratous

    Mr. Christos Skapoulis

    Mrs. Androulla Christofidou, Deputy CEO


    Mr. Agis Agapiou, External Legal Advisor

We are proud to be Accredited and Certified by national and international organisations, recognizing us for our excellence and commitment in healthcare.  The Hospital’s Management, taking into consideration the continuous increase in its operations, the requirements of its patients and associates, as well as the laws and regulations governing its operations, has adopted an Integrated Management System which encompasses the below international standards and requirements:

• CHKS International Accreditation Programme for Healthcare Organisations.

• Cyber Essentials Certification & Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation.

• ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.

• ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification.

• ISO 15189:2012 Medical Laboratories - Requirements for Quality and Competence Accreditation.

• ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Certification.

• ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

• ISO 22000:2018 -  Food Safety Management System Certification


  • Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

    “Ygia” Polyclinic is the only private hospital that has been awarded to International Accreditation Hospital Standards.It is common knowledge to all that a big part of the hospital’s success and good reputation is due to its employees.We therefore ought to preserve the Health & Safety Standards of our employees through procedures and workingdirectives, providing them all that is necessary for them to feel safe and happy in their workplace.

    Being aware of our duties and responsibilities towards our patients, workers, escorts, associate doctors and Shareholders the organization has committed to implement and maintain to keep international accreditation standards on safety, health and environmental issues, adopting safe practices of work.

    We have the overall duty to ensure the Health and Safety or our employees and all other interested parties involved in our activities as well as the Environment, based on policies and procedures on the organization’s activities. Our aim is for all interested parties to feel safe and wiling to be involved in the organization’s activities through the procedures and working instructions that have been circulated.

    In order to achieve our above mentioned commitment, we have implemented and have been certified on Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems covering all the services provided, based on the Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard – ISO 45001:2018 and the Environmental ISO 14001:2015. Through the implementation of this Management Systems and the compliance with the existing national and European laws and regulations on health, safety and environmental issues we aim to achieve strategic objectives, which encompass the following:

    •Creating a work environment that ensures the health & safety conditions of the people that are affected by the hospital’s activities. This includes employees, associate doctors, patients, visitors, subcontractors and any other third party.

    •To minimize or eradicate the number of occupational accidents/incidents and prevention of occupational diseases

    •Appointing roles and responsibilities on EHS issues providing all resources needed to all interested parties in order to achieve the above

    •Minimize or eradicate all environmental impacts that might arise during the company’s operations, aiming to eliminate every possibility of an environmental pollution and protection of the environment

    •Continuously promoting the safety culture at work of our employees.

    •Achieving the Environmental objectives set by the Management and increase awareness.

    •The continuous improvement of the EHS Management Systems and of the health services provided to our patients.

    As part of our efforts to achieve the above objectives:

    •We have developed the appropriate emergency plans to ensure the effective management of incidents that may cause death, injury, occupational illness and environmental damage.

    •We promote continuous professional development, in order for all employees to be informed of their rights as well as their responsibilities in health & safety issues.

    •We’ve proceeded with a Risk Assessment Study, covering our activities, occupational hazards, analyzing all findings noting down all the existing as well as the proposed means for eliminating the risks.

    •We have set up a Health & Safety Committee with one representative from each department.

    •We have set up Environmental actions increasing awareness on Environmental culture in the organisation.

    Our Environmental, Health & Safety Policy has been communicated and understood by all employees in the hospital. The management of “Ygia” Polyclinic will be a supporter of every good proposition, which will aim at the continuous improvement of our Environmental, Health & Safety Standards.The Environmental, Health & Safety policy will be reviewed annually in order to ensure its effectiveness.

    We want our employees, patients, associate doctors and visitors to feel safe in their work environment. This is the only way they will be able to offer their valuable services to the patients and the Hospital to alleviate sickness and human pain. Ensuring all the above, a safe environment is established ready to offer high quality health care services to all interested parties who uses the services of the Hospital. We commit never to stop this effort.
  • Information Security Policy

    Information plays a key part in clinical governance, service planning and performance management. It is of paramount importance to ensure that information in any form (e.g. electronic, hardcopy, verbal), is efficiently managed and that appropriate policies, procedures and management accountability provide a robust governance framework for information management.

    The management of the Clinic has adopted the following information security policy. This Policy is derived from the information security objectives as formulated by the responsible management of the Clinic.

    The Clinic adopts the ISO/IEC 27001:2013, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) for the structuring, maintenance and continual improvement of procedures and measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information processing facilities.

    The ISMS is under the umbrella of the Integrated Management System (IMS), which encompasses all related components of the Clinic (e.g. Accreditation, ISO certifications, policies, procedures, manuals, e.t.c.) into one system for optimized processes and resources. Further to that, the ISMS provides an excellent framework for compliance with most of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. To achieve this, we systematically make improvements.

    The Company Information Security Policy is binding for all the staff of the clinic, as well as for all organizations, third party and sub-contractors who perform services for the Clinic.

    All employees, third parties and sub-contractors of the Clinic have a duty to protect data and information systems against unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, destruction, loss or transfer.

    The Clinic actively promotes security awareness in its employees, contractors and visitors and ensures that all parts of this Policy are translated into actual measures, tailored to the tasks and responsibilities of the people concerned.

    The Clinic undertakes a business impact analysis and risk assessment at least once a year to determine whether additional measures are necessary, data or information systems require additional security measures and an explicit owner to determine so.

    Clinic’s information systems are physically protected and operated in a manner that prevents unauthorized physical access.

    Existing applications are reviewed against this Policy. In case of exceptions a formal risk acceptance is carried out.

    New applications and software should comply with the requirements specified in the ISMS.

    To ensure that information is available to users when it is required, the Clinic has documented and tested a Business Continuity Plan.

    The Clinic management ensures that applicable legal and contractual requirements are identified and addressed.

    The Clinic management will review the policy at least once a year and update it as necessary.

  • Quality Policy

    The Management of the Hospital is committed to offer healthcare services to patients conforming to the applicable legal requirements of the Republic of Cyprus, to the clauses of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, and to the clients’ requirements.

    For this purpose, the management has developed a Quality Management System, conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 which forms part of an Integrated Management System (IMS).

    The Hospital has documented and standardized its procedures and has put in place mechanisms for the identification and fulfillment of its obligations and for its continual improvement.

    The IMS:

    • Describes the Hospital's operational and supporting procedures

    • Sets the mechanism for the setting, monitoring and reviewing of key performance indicators and related targets

    • Establishes communication channels within the Hospital to facilitate the flow of information, and

    • Provides control to the Hospital’s key operations. The management and staff of the Hospital are dedicated to the implementation of the IMS and the continual improvement of the services offered for the benefit of their clients.  The Hospital ’s objectives are:

    • To fulfil patients’ requirements and to honor to the contractual obligations agreed

    • To resolve patients’ complaints timely and effectively.

    • To manage suppliers and subcontractors through the maintenance and monitoring of contractual agreements

    • To make available the infrastructure required for the effective and efficient implementation of the IMS

    • To maintain competent members of staff through training and development

    • To maintain direct and open communication among all levels of staff.

    These objectives are reflected in the Hospital’s policies, procedures, indicators and targets and are pursued by the management and staff.

    Their achievement is audited during the internal audits of the IMS followed by the implementation of measures and the setting of controls.

  • Food Statement Policy

    At Ygia Polyclinic, our mission is to prepare and serve high quality food using fresh local ingredients and raw materials that are carefully chosen and safely processed to reach our patient’s plate.

    Our catering services recognizes that a successful food safety culture can be achieved by following safe working practices, developed through effective hazard analysis and compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

    Ygia Polyclinic’s obligation is to safeguard its vulnerable patient’s health, but also provide a variety of nourishing foods to choose from that meet the nutritional needs of each patient.

    To ensure best practise the Management of Ygia Polyclinic is committed to implementing quality and food safety performance objectives, to assure our patients receive high quality meals.

    • Establish a sustainable quality and food safety culture by implementing a regular identification system of the related risks.

    • Implement a valid traceability system from receiving raw materials, storage, preservation, process, and disposal.

    • Provide all employees with the information, training, and necessary tools in order to prepare food in a safe environment, adhering to ISO 22 000 safety procedures.

    • Provide catering staff clear guidelines to achieve best practise.

    • Supervise the accomplishments and set objectives that will lead to further improvement.

    It is Ygia Polyclinic’s responsibility and commitment to ensure that the appropriate resources will be provided to ensure implementation of the Food Safety Policy. Moreover, our food safety performance will be closely monitored and considered by the Management to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims set out by Ygia Polyclinic.



• Cyprus Responsible Business Awards By Boussias Cyprus – Silver Award – Responsible Waste Management.

• National Certification Body For The Implementation Of Good Practices On Gender Equality In The Working Environment (Ministry Of Labour) – Accredited Equality Employer.

• Hr Awards By Boussias Cyprus – Bronze Award In Best Youth Employment Initiative – Supporting Young Professionals.