Patient Admission

Patient Admission


We have gathered the below information in order to smooth your admission at the Hospital.

If you are a parent or guardian, we would like you to know that we promote a family oriented Paediatric Department.

What Should I Bring With Me?
Before you arrive at the Hospital, ensure that you bring with you only essentially needed personal items and documentation, such as:
• Personal items (e.g. sleepwear, slippers, toiletries, eyeglasses, contact lenses, e.t.c.).
• Any medical items used in your care (i.e. crutches, prosthetics, C-pap machine, hearing aids, dentures, e.t.c.).
• The attending Physician’s - Associated Doctor - referral letter and any other medical information related to your stay with us (e.g. preoperative check-up, X-Ray, MRI/ CT, Clinical Laboratory test, medical reports, e.t.c.).
• Any medication being received, so that it may be taken into consideration. Ensure that you have briefed your attending Physician for any non-prescribed medication you take or have stopped taking in the last three months (e.g. general use, homeopathy, herbal products/ vitamins, e.t.c.).
• Original ID/ Passport/ ARC.
• Any medical insurance documentation (if applicable).
• Any other documentation asked during your communication with the Admissions Office prior to the day of your admission.

You should avoid bringing with you any large amounts of money, jewellery and other valuables, as YGIA Polyclinic is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.

What Time Should I Arrive at the Hospital?
On the day of your admission, make sure to arrive at the Hospital at least 01:30 hour prior to your scheduled medical procedure.  This will provide sufficient time for you to fill the needed paperwork, escorted to your room and rest.

To enhance your safety during the Coronavirus pandemic, you will also need to visit us the day before so as to perform a Covid test.

Where Do I Need to Go?
Staff at the Reception Office will help you locate the Admissions Office.