The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography) Department is one of the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipped in Cyprus.

The department is fully renovated and equipped with the latest technology MRI and CT scan (CT 128 Slices, MRI 1.5 Tesla Excite Technology, MRI 3 Tesla) capable of handling the full range of examinations based on international protocols.  In this way, we offer immediate and accurate results, thus achieving better patient service.  Moreover, the highly trained staff at the department is consisted of Radiologists Doctors, Technologists Radiologists and administrative staff.

The department conducts around 7,000 MRI and 5,000 CT scans each year.  All exams are stored in a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and are available for future use and comparison, having also 9 workstations for image interpretation and image post processing.

MRI procedures performed (but not limited to):
• Body MRI (mediastinum, abdomen, pelvis, neck, retroperitoneal space, scrotum, thyroid and parathyroid glands).
• Neuro MRI (Brain, pituitary gland, orbits, internal auditory meatus).
• MRI of sinuses, temporomandibular joints.
• Breast MRI.
• Musculoskeletal MRI (joints, spine).
• MR Arthrograms.
• Prostate MRI.
• MR Angiograms (intracranial arteries ad veins, aorta, peripheral vessels, vessels of the neck, pulmonary arteries).
• Magnetic cholangiopancreatography.
• MR enterography.
• MR urography.
• Quantitative MRI of liver and myocardium (haemosiderosis).
• MR pelvimetry.

CT procedures performed (but not limited to):
• CT of the body (chest, abdomen, pelvis, neck).
• Low dose CT of the chest for high risk patients.
• Musculoskeletal CT (bones, joints, leg measurement).
• Neuro CT ( brain, facial bones, sinuses ,orbits ,petrous bone, spine).
• CT angiography of the aorta, peripheral vessels, intracranial arteries, vessels of the neck, pulmonary arteries.
• CT angiography of the coronary arteries.
• CT enteroclysis.
• CT urography.
• Dental CT.
• Virtual bronchoscopy.
• CT guided biopsies and drainages.
• CT guided tumor ablation.

For any enquiries or to book an appointment, please contact the department at:
Phone: +357 25884608, +357 25884610
Fax: +357 25884613
Email: ctmri@ygiapolyclinic.com