Infection Prevention
We take all necessary precautions to protect people within Hospital premises.  Our staff may wear gloves, gowns and masks for your protection as well as their own.

We recommend that you wash your hands before entering and after leaving the Hospital and the patient’s room.  There is easy access to hand sanitisers across the Hospital.

Avoid touching your face or any personal items of the patient.  If children visit, please do not allow them to sit or crawl on the floor.

If you are not feeling well, avoid visiting and contact your Physician.

Room Amenities
All rooms have an LCD TV with local and satellite channels, land line, central air condition and heating, nurse bell, electronically adjustable beds and a safe box.

For a more spacious accommodation, there are 6 beautifully decorated private suites with a separate living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

You should be aware that a Hospital environment is quite different from your home, thus you should consider the following:
• Hospital beds are with handles for modulating the intensities of their positions, so when you move you have to be careful.
• Most room furniture is on wheels so you should not rely on them.
• For any assistance do not hesitate to use the nursing bell.
• Do not hesitate to inform us for any malfunction in you room’s equipment.
• In case you are prescribed to perform any test, you should wait until a healthcare professional comes to your room and escorts you.

Other Amenities and Conveniences
Chapel: There is a chapel outside of the Clinical Laboratory entrance (north of the building) which is available at all hours.

Cafeteria: Located next to the main Reception of the Hospital, there is an open deck Cafeteria serving Monday to Friday 07:00 - 20:00 and Saturday to Sunday 08:00 - 16:00, serving hot and cold refreshments and food.

Vending machine: Available at the ground floor and on 24/7 basis for cold drinks and snacks.

Internet/ Wi Fi: You can enjoy high-speed, free wi-fi internet throughout the Hospital.  If you have any trouble connecting, let one of the staff members know to assist you.

ATM: For your convenience, there is an ATM located at the corridor next to the main Reception desk on the ground floor.