Internal Committees

Our Internal Committees serve as high level enterprise internal governance bodies of YGIA Polyclinic.  There are currently 10 Internal Committees, under the Board of Directors’ oversight umbrella:

  • Blood Transfusion and Resuscitation CommitteeResponsible for implementing operational policies and procedures governing blood transfusion, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, practise, prevention of cardiac arrest and training.
  • Clinical Governance Committee Responsible for continuously improving quality of services and safeguarding high standards of care.
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Committee Responsible for strengthening and further developing the Hospital’s Environmental, Health & Safety framework, with a focus on targeting key health issues and setting priorities.
  • Infection Control Committee Responsible for maintaining infection control policies and procedures, monitoring healthcare in regards to infections and providing continuous professional education.
  • Information Security & GDPR Committee Responsible for providing advice and monitoring compliance in relation to information confidentiality, integrity, availability, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other privacy statutory requirements.
  • Management Committee Responsible for the overall effective operational functioning and continuous improvement of facilities and services provided by the Hospital.
  • Provident Fund Committee Responsible for all aspects of investment and other management activity in relation to the provident fund.
  • Quality Committee Responsible for providing an independent and objective holistic review towards healthcare systems and processes by which the Hospital leads, directs and controls its functions related to quality, in support of getting the best clinical outcomes and experience for patients and their families.
  • Risk Management Committee Responsible for providing an oversight and make recommendations concerning matters pertaining to the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of quality, safety and risk management of healthcare services provided by the Hospital.
  • Scientific Board Responsible for providing expert scientific and clinical advisory on emerging and best evidence practises as well as on issues arising during the operation of the Hospital, leading and overseeing the development of scientific programmes, and reviewing new partnerships.