Nursing Care

We believe that the essence of nursing practise is best described as the offering of compassionate care delivered in a culturally competent manner.  A critical ingredient to our approach is doing so with dignity towards our patients, their families and loved ones.

Our nursing healthcare professionals are vital members of the patient care team.  They offer interdisciplinary care to thousands of patients of all ages and health groups per year.

The Nursing Care Division has under its umbrella various nursing departments, wards and services:
• Accidents and Emergency Department.
• Endoscopy.
• Operating Theatres.
• Central Sterilisation.
• Intensive Care Unit.
• Paediatric Ward.
• Medical Ward.
• Chemotherapy Services.
• Surgical Ward.
• Private & Suites Ward.
• Maternity & Gynaecology Ward.
• Porters.
• Administrative Services.
• Catering Services.
• Housekeeping Services.

The structure of the division is not a typical one, as, along with the nursing departments/ wards, it includes catering and housekeeping services because they form an essential part of patient recovery, care and experience.

On a scientific level, the Nursing Care Division builds its clinical nursing on evidence-based practises, following the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health in Cyprus.  It partners with interdisciplinary groups and committees, teams up with Associated Doctors, In-House Doctors and other staff members across the Hospital, and participates in shared decision-making on a departmental and strategic level.